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Email jessica@shineenglishtesting.com if you have any further questions.  All emails will be responded to within 24 hours. Please read the information provided on this website before you send an email.

Study Aids

The following study tools and information will help you prepare for the Shine English Assessment:


Past BC Provincial Exams

The reading section of the test is similar in difficulty to the short story section of the grade 12 English provincial exam.  You can find past provincial exams here:  



Public Library Language Programs

Public libraries often have free language programs. They are free if you have a library card.


BC English 12 Adult Upgrading Course

You can find information about the English upgrading course here:



Hire a Tutor

If you wish to hire a tutor, ask for a BC certified grade 12 English teacher.  Tell them that you are taking an English 12 equivalency test. They will know how to help you.

Books and other resources


Below are links to books and other resources that you may find helpful


Online English Testing